Projects and funding


HABITACT supports the creation of European projects on homelessness. These projects can involve local authorities only or can also develop partnerships between local authorities and other relevant stakeholders (NGOs, people experiencing homelessness, research bodies, EU institutions, national regional authorities, and others). We support the development of different types of projects including:

  • transnational exchange (e.g. under the URBACT programme 2014-2020)

  • research (e.g. under the Innovation2020 programme 2014-2020)

  • social experimentation (e.g. under the EaSI programme 2014-2020)

  • staff exchanges (e.g. under the Erasmus+ 2014-2020) and more.

Funding monitor

In order to support the development of European projects, HABITACT also looks for EU funding by monitoring various EU funding programmes. See more in the Members’ area.


Housing First Europe

The latest project set up with the cooperation/participation of HABITACT cities is "Housing First Europe" (HFE), led by Servicestyrelsen (the Danish National Board of Social Services) and the German research institute GISS, with the cooperation of FEANTSA. HFE tested and evaluated Housing First projects in five cities from a European perspective, leading to greater clarity on the potential and limits of the approach, as well as the essential elements of the approach. The final conference took place in Amsterdam with more than 200 participants. For more information, please contact or consult the Housing First Europe website:

Watch this space for more great European projects on the horizon...