Action research

HABITACT members are keen to support local-policy makers responsible for homelessness with various hands-on tools for immediate use, including action research.

Evaluating homelessness services and strategies: A Review (March 2013)

In the current economic and political context, many social policies are being revisited (including homelessness policies) and budgets allocated to social policies are decreasing in some countries hence placing pressure on local policy-makers to ensure policy and service effectiveness. The first piece of action-research commissioned by HABITACT is therefore an overview of some frameworks used in EU countries to evaluate homelessness policies and services, which can hopefully help understand the weaknesses and strengths of policies, and lead to solid arguments for sustained funding.

This Review is designed as a guide of good practice with sections on the following issues :

  • an overview of evaluation, describing what is involved in reviewing the strengths and limits of the methodologies which can be employed for evaluation

  • a discussion of the key questions which evaluations of homelessness services and strategies need to answer

  • a critical review of some of the existing evaluation systems used in the EU

  • a discussion of the pros and cons of evaluations